About Cheryll Hodgson

Having now reached the age of 60, I have had a varied and interesting life and am very proud of my three, now grown up children - Hannah, a Complementary Therapist and Teacher, and mother herself;  Toby, a University Student, studying Events Management and Ellis, a professional hire-wire walker and circus performer. I am married to Andy and we live in West Wales near to the wonderful country-side and seaside and beautiful coasts of the area. 

 I have been a Complementary Therapist for approximately 25 years and have built up a thriving clinical practice and have a large Complementary Health Centre in Carmarthen, West Wales and I am also the Principal of the the West Shires School of Complementary Health, based at the Centre. 

  Due to having developed severe osteoarthritis in my hands, and having had several operations to my right hand, I do not practice Reflexology - my principle therapy - nearly so much now.  The need to 'turn my hand' to another skill, about five years ago I returned to my love of art and I have found some success with selling my art in the local area. I take my inspiration from the Welsh countryside and coasts and my lifelong love of the natural world - the flora and the animals.      

I hope you will enjoy looking at my artworks site and if there are any questions please do get in touch.  

The focus of my work is based primarily on my love of trees, the seas and water.  This is just to me a natural innate thing – it has always been so, for as long as I remember.  I grew up in Surrey and as a child was always so proud of the fact that it had the most trees of any county in the UK.  I don’t know if this was true -now that I have lived in Wales for almost 40 years – but never mind – trees are still important to me. 

The way the world is going I think everyone is starting to realise that trees are important to everyone.  Look at the tree with its branches and smaller branches and then the twigs and the leaves and then look at a picture of our lungs. It is natures way to repeat a good thing!  The trees exude oxygen as their respiratory waste product – we breath it in and breath out carbon dioxide – which the tree requires for its internal respiration.  The world needs more trees and we need to celebrate every tree for its environmental importance and its beauty.   I often tend to focus on the tree trunk in my paintings – the light on the bark patterns and the grace of the tree growing up to the light.

Living in West Wales one cannot ignore the sea and water generally – why would we – we have the most beautiful coasts and it rains enough!  I take so many pictures of the sea and try to include what I see in those pictures in my art. Likewise with water.  I have had to have a pond or two in every garden I have ever had and it’s an enormous pleasure to love the water, the plants, bugs, the frogs and newts, and gaze into the depths of the cool water.

Painting birds and animals started with me painting pebbles – something I still do and there are a few pictured on this site.  People just love them and I love them too.  They are what they are – just an organically lovely thing.