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About Cheryll Hodgson

Having now reached the age of 60, Cheryll has had a varied and interesting life and is proud of her three now grown up children - Hannah, a Complementary Therapist and Teacher, Toby, a University Student, studying Events Management and Ellis, a professional hire-wire walker and circus performer. She is married to Andy and they live in West Wales near to the wonderful country-side and seaside and beautiful coasts of the area. 

 Cheryll has been a Complementary Therapist for approximately 25 years and has built up a thriving clinical practice and has a large Complementary Health Centre in Carmarthen, West Wales and is also the Principal of the the West Shires School of Complementary Health.   Due to having developed severe osteoarthritis in her hands, and having had several operations to her right hand, Cheryll does not practice Reflexology - her principle therapy - nearly so much now.  The need to 'turn her hand' to another skill, about five years ago Cheryll returned to a her love of art and has found some success with selling her art in the local area. She takes her inspiration from the Welsh countryside and coasts and her lifelong love of the natural world - the flora and the animals.